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• Urban Community Planning

• Town Planning

• Utilities & Infrastructure

Urban Planning & Engineering

Urban planning has evolved from its early roots in physical planning and the good government movement to a broad and integrative profession concerned with the social and physical organization of society at various geographic scales ranging from local neighborhoods to global communities.

Attempts to solve urban problems can be wasteful and harmful without a comprehensive understanding of the social, economic, and spatial relationships which shape the well-being of communities, cities, and regions.

The Department of Urban Planning and Engineering’s goal is to educate the future leaders of the planning profession. We expect our graduates to provide both vision and leadership within the profession. Our graduates have, and will continue to participate in the transformation of the planning profession throughout the nation. Urban Planning and Engineering Alumni are in leadership positions in local, state, and national agencies; the private sector and nonprofit organizations.

From consulting, designing to implementation and management, we take care of all aspects of business network, to keep business up and running with close to zero downtime. We partner with our customers by combining our expert domain knowledge, outstanding technical capabilities and right consulting which enables them to execute their business in the most optimal way.